Don’t get mad…get Myft!

The easiest way to prevent regretful posts on social media!

Myft is on a mission to change the landscape of social media by giving you a private outlet for your anger, sarcasm and wit, without the side effects of hurting and alienating others, or making yourself look bad.

From Presidents to protesters, anyone can benefit from using Myft. Instead of potentially starting WWIII with an errant Tweet, use Myft. Want to tell everyone about the latest thing you oppose, Myft it! You feel better…and no one gets hurt!

Created by a middle school student who thought “there must be a better way”, Myft helps you air your grievances, angers, thoughts and frustrations in a safe manner that you won’t regret the next day.

  • Totally private – no one will see what you Myft
  • Messages “destroyed” in various animated ways
  • Use iMessage stickers to encourage others to partake in the social movement against posting things you may regret!
  • Think before you post on social media – Is it mean? Is it harmful? Is it unnecessary? If so, Myft It instead!
  • Addressing cyber-bullying one post at a time
  • The healing process is made complete through animations specially curated to aid in anger relief

#MyftIt next time


In an effort to make Myft as effective as it can be we have supplied you with the following resources to help spread the word about Myft and how it can be used to help prevent cyber bullying and regretful posts.

Downloadable/Printable Posters

Myft fixes the two major issues with social media, cyber bullying and regretful posts.